Check current coin prices, and learn more about coins



Reddit - Most coins have a dedicated Reddit section

ICO Calendar - DANGER Will Robinson, Serious investors only


Wallets are used to store crypto assets

Ledger Nano S - Hardware wallet, Requires Chrome or Chromium apps


PIVX - Earn PIV by staking coins

NEO - Earn GAS by running wallet


My Ether Wallet

MetaMask - Requires Firefox browser

Jaxx - Mobile wallet Android or iPhone


Exchanges are used to "buy" one crypto asset using another crypto asset

RobinHood - Crypto and Stock trading with NO FEEs.

Coinbase - Initial exchange from USD to Crypto.

GDAX - Linked to Coinbase, permits cheaper exchange between USD and Crypto.

ShapeShift - Used by Exodus Wallet

Changelly - Requests email for support only, no verification.

HitBTC - Requires account, Use Internets section if your local gov sucks.

Binance - Not personally tested

EtherDelta - For token purchases. Use caution.


Poloniex - Requires KYC, Not available in NY

Gold and Silver - Buy precious metals with Bitcoin.


Internet services to protect your identity

VPN - Allows you to choose the country that your internet connection is routed through. Useful when sites are blocked due to restrictions by facist state governments coughNYcough.

TOR - Enables Anonymous internet browsing

TutaNota - Secure, Anonymous Email

Monero - Anonymous CryptoCurrency


Watch Youtube, Follow Twitter, Reddit, maybe even some Facebook

WorldRestart - LEARN why Crypto is so necessary, and can save the world!

John McAfee - Pumping coins through daily tweets

Clif High - WebBot report creator, predicting the future through linguistics

The Bitcoin Group - Daily market reports

JSnip - Partnered with a professional trader and selling video classes

Roger Ver - Bitcoin Cash

The Money GPS