At the very least, you should be using Firefox with the following Add-Ons
HTTPS Everywhere
Ad Block Edge

Tor - Anonymous online browsing

Tutanota - Private, Encrypted, Free Email

Signal - Encrypted text messenger

Telegram - Private, encrypted group messaging - Zero Log, Encrypted internet access

Crypto Cloud Hosting - Anonymous Website hosting

Hard Drive Encryption

Decentralized/Uncensored Alternatives

Lbry - Open, decentralized content sharing

Bitchute - Youtube alternative

Flote - Uncensored and improved Facebook replacement

Twetch - Uncensored and improved Twitter replacement

Nextcloud - Personal Cloud - Replace Dropbox, Google Drive, Own your content

Open Bazaar - Open, decentralized Market

Diaspora - Decentralized Social sharing

MaidSafe - Decentralized data and application network

Y U NO Host - Host your own content for true decentralization


Gold and Silver - Convert any CryptoCurrency

Bitcoin - Currency alternative

Organized Groups

Storm Clouds Gathering

Russell Brand

OccupyWallSt Facebook

Local Meetup Groups

YouTube Channels

Breaking The Set

Storm Clouds Gathering

Anonymous TV

The Yes Lab

RT America


BudK - Camping and Survival Supplies

The Homestead Guru - Survival tips and tricks


RT - Non-commercialized news network

Liberty Radio Network

Police Scanners